Monday, December 14, 2009

"What is a Ridli??"

There has been a kitchen utencil in my family's posession for generations.  It is called the "Ridli." My Grandmother has used this tool numerous times, to make her famous "Sajtos Rud," or as we would call it Cheese Straws. 

We made this recipe often, but no matter what we always had it on New Year's Eve.  I still have vivid memories of staying up late night as a kid (waaaay past our bed times) on New Year's and nushing on these cheese treats. (With of course candy, sweets and whatever we could get our hands oh. Hey, it was a holiday!)

My Grandmother, who is now 80 years old came to the US the first time 2 years ago to visit.  Along with her stories and recipes, she brought something special: the "Ridli." It was to be mine, to be cherished, and used to continue making her Cheese Straws.

Parmesan cheese everywhere...

This is my Grandmother's old "Ridli"

So...what does parmesan cheese filled dough and a ridli equal to?


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